2020 Lee County Holiday Wishes

In response to COVID-19 and potential closures, precautions, etc., we have an exciting online shopping option to present to you this year! We will be using Amazon Wish List to compile our Lee County children’s holiday wishes this year. This will allow for contactless shopping and delivery, keeping everyone safe and comfortable during these challenging times. If you’ve ever shopped a baby or wedding registry, you’ve used something just like Amazon Wish List – items will be added to the child’s list by our team, and when they are purchased, they will be removed as fulfilled as to not duplicate purchases.

Shopping is as easy as a click! You can simply visit Amazon to view this year’s wishes. Here, you will be able to browse the Wish Lists and decide what you would like to fulfill based on the child’s age, sex, wish price point, etc. You’ll complete their transaction through Amazon, and gifts will be on the way to the child via their Guardian ad Litem Volunteer Advocate!  When completing your purchase, please use the “Deliver to this address” button under the Gift Registry Address to ensure the gift is delivered to the Guardian ad Litem Volunteer Advocate.

The best place to view the wishes is in a computer browser on a laptop or desktop. This is the easiest way to see all the wishes in one place. If shopping from multiple lists, please complete separate transactions so that the gifts are delivered to the appropriate Guardian ad Litem Volunteer Advocates. If you have any issues completing your purchase, please call Jessica Stanfield, Guardian ad Litem Foundation Executive Director at (518) 598-2471 for assistance.

Wishes are being added daily as new children submit their desired gifts, so check back often! Thank you for your support, and happy holidays!