Licensed Florida attorneys are often needed to represent the expressed wishes of abused, neglected and abandoned children facing special legal situations.

Benefits to Pro Bono Attorneys helping children are many!

  • Free CLE credit and  after completing online training provided by the Program
  • Valuable court and trial experience
  • Ensuring a child’s future, in only 8-10 hours monthly

Three Ways to Help

Any licensed Florida attorney can volunteer as:

Attorney Guardian ad Litem (Attorney-GAL)

Pro bono attorney provides both personal and legal advocacy, supported by Program staff. No attorney-client relationship—the Attorney Guardian ad Litem advocates for the child’s best interest as the Programs’ certified representative. Online training (8-hours) is provided.

Attorney ad Litem (AAL)

Pro bono attorney is directly appointed by the Court to represent children in a traditional attorney-client relationship, representing the child. Attorneys with specific areas of expertise are often needed to provide specific legal advocacy for a child.

Conflict Guardian ad Litem (Independent GAL)

The court appoints a volunteer attorney where the Guardian ad Litem Program has a conflict in accepting the appointment, to be the Guardian ad Litem representing the child’s best interest.